About Us

Aromadough was born in Cape Town in 1995 and subsequently relocated to Johannesburg in 2015 under the new ownership of Leigh Hind. Leigh was given an Aromadough Energy unit at a dinner party and fell in love with it.

There was something about the combination of oils, texture and colours that lit up her brain and senses. The very next morning she phoned the previous owner and found out more about the product and where to get some more. She flew to Cape Town the very next month to meet the owners and within four months of opening her first unit, the purchase of Aromadough had been successfully concluded. She embraced the risk, quit her job and immediately took over production, sales and marketing and relaunched Aromadough in July 2015.
Leigh: I quit my job after having been in a very corporate space for eighteen years and took over running Aromadough full time. It was a steep learning curve with lots of challenges, research and development. I'm tea lady, marketing, sales and operations all rolled into one and each day is filled with different requirements and ideas.

Aromadough is a really diverse product and addresses a full spectrum of needs for children, teens and adults. Now we supply schools, occupational therapists, doctors, corporates, pharmacies, retailers and spas. What drives me is the expression on people's faces when they play with Aromadough. I get the most amazing feedback from people who find relief from anxiety, stress, headaches, depression and more. Just recently someone contacted me after being referred to us by their GP to have De-Stress Aromadough at their desk to help with anxiety. Someone else came to us to get some Calm for a friend dealing with major trauma. I can't tell you the profound joy I get from being able to help people like that. My goal is to make sure that everyone, anywhere, can access one of our health balls and treat whatever they are dealing with in a natural way. Aromadough is a one of a kind product and something I am deeply proud of and love.