Corporate gifting & Desk drops

Many blue chip corporate clients, SME’s and private individuals have used Aromadough with great success. Translate your brand with a bespoke smell, colour and idea! We will collaborate with you around occasions throughout the year like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Women’s Day and Heritage Day for example. If you can dream it we can make it. Choose between a single unit or 3 packs.
The unit can be completely colour coded to match the corporate colours. Used as internal gifts, external client gifts as well as at trade shows, expo’s and seminars to convey what the corporate represents. We’re not limited to essential oils, we also work on smells. Fragrances like coffee, chocolate, vanilla, fruit and mince pies are all options. Smell is the fastest way to the brain and we love being able to connect your senses to memories, thoughts and emotions which could then result in creativity, awareness and action.

Training, Conferences & Workshops

Trainers, speakers and presenters have used Aromadough since we launched in 1995. It can be used successfully as an ice breaker as well as allowing delegates to communicate ideas and thoughts that are not always verbally top of mind. Delegates who play with an Aromadough stress ball is less likely to fiddle with either their phones, tablets or laptops and give the speaker their undivided attention. Delegates who are introverts or shy will more easily open up and contribute if they can transfer thoughts and words into in inanimate object. There is less pressure on a delegate when there is an object to transfer to. The smells and colours are stimulate a completely different part of the brain and open up thought patterns, ideas and senses that are new. Smell is one of the most powerful senses and the fastest way to the brain - utilise colour and smell to make the training more fun as well as more memorable.