Waffle Weave Calm (Sky Blue) - Set 3

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This set features a beautifully designed, locally handmade, dual-purpose heat bag that can be used for aches and pains, joint pains and lower back pain as well as warming up beds at bedtime. 

Perfect for self-care or to give as a thoughtful gift.

The set contains:

1 x Dual-purpose AromaHeat microwave bag made from 100% luxury cotton material, in Sky Blue Waffle Weave fabric
1 x Calm AromaRoll (pure essential oils blend in a glass roller)

Proudly made in South Africa with love by Aromadough®

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• Great for stress release
• Helps promote restful sleep
• Ideal for self-care
• Can be used hot or cold
• Odourless
• Perfect for children, teens and adults
• Great to give as gifts
• No artificial fragrances
• No preservatives
• Ergonomic design
• High-quality luxury fabric
• A 100% local, handmade product


AromaRolls are essential oil blends that come in a convenient 10mL glass tube. ⁠

Simply roll the oil onto your wrist, breathe in the amazing fragrance and let the oils do the rest. ⁠


The AromaHeat range includes the dual-purpose microwave bag that can be used warm or cold on stiff muscles, tummy aches and more.

Simply apply some Aromaroll oil to your stiff or sore muscles, rub it into your skin and then place the bag on top for ultimate relaxation.⁠

The generously sized eye pillow applies soothing pressure to your eyes while blocking out light. Perfect for relaxation, headaches and meditation.

1. Using the AromaRoll essential oil roller, apply some of the essential oil onto your wrists, temples or behind your neck and massage gently till absorbed.

2. Heat the bag for MAX 2 to 3 minutes in the microwave.

3. Never heat the bag for longer than 3 minutes at a time. If you prefer to heat it longer do so 1 minute at a time until your preferred heat is reached.

4. Position the heated microwave bag on the target area.

5. Breathe in the aroma of the essential oils, relax and enjoy!

• 1 x 850g flaxseed microwave bag with 100% luxury cotton washable outer (dual-purpose bag)
• 1 x Calm AromaRoll pure essential oil roller


• Ensure the lid is fastened tightly after use
• Keep out of direct sunlight and bright artificial light
• While this is a natural, non-toxic product, AromaRolls are not suitable for children under the age of 3
• Do not apply oil to your face or anywhere near your eyes.

Microwave Bag/Eye Pillow:

• Caution: Never heat the bag for longer than 30 seconds (at a time) in the microwave
• Wash the outer cover as often as needed
• Never wash or immerse the inner bag containing flaxseed in water

• AromaRoll Calm is a blend of Lavender, Neroli and Lemongrass pure essential oils with Fractionated Coconut oil and Grapeseed oil.

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