Aromadough® is a proudly South African business that brings Aromatherapy and holistic wellness to those who need it in a fun, natural and affordable way.

Aromadough® is our flagship product; a silky soft ball of health that combines ingredients like coconut oil and cocoa butter with pure essential oils which are infused into it with a secret method.

Squeeze or play with Aromadough to enjoy its soft texture, marvel in the swirl of beautiful colours and benefit from the specially selected essential oils... all while being surrounded by its aromatic scent. 

Our tagline is "Health in your Hand" and that explains perfectly what you receive when you use Aromadough®.

AromaRolls® are pulse-point aromatherapy rollers that make Aromatherapy easy by combining several pure essential oils into one. These roller are great for a busy lifestyle as they fit conveniently into your pocket, handbag or backpack.

Our AromaHeat® microwave therapy bags are perfect for easing pain and stress utilizing heat therapy. The AromaHeat bag is a natural product made with a high quality, durable 100% luxury cotton material and filled with flaxseed.

Our Story

Aromadough was born in Cape Town in 1995 and subsequently relocated to Johannesburg in 2015 under the new ownership of Leigh Hind. Leigh was given an Aromadough Energy unit at a dinner party and fell in love with it.

There was something about the combination of oils, texture and colours that lit up her brain and senses.

Within four months of receiving her first Aromadough, Leigh had purchased the company and relaunched Aromadough in July 2015. She has since developed many new ranges and products and she has grown from a one-woman company to a team of nine.

Her goal is to help people discover the benefits of Aromatherapy and to create affordable, quality products that truly make a difference in people’s lives.